Winter Solstice Sunrise 2014  (c) Mark Lawrence

The Long Barrow at All Cannings is a columbarium or place for cremated remains in urns to be kept. It was built in 2014 in the style of a traditional long barrow in natural materials, but made relevant for today in its internal layout. It is aligned to the sunrise of the winter solstice when the sun will illuminate the internal stone passageway.

Within the chalk mound there are five chambers arranged off the passageway that starts at the local Sarsen stone entrance. The chambers, or columbaria, have niches built into the natural limestone walls. each niche is about 600mm by 600mm and 320mm tall and is designed for the storage of cremated remains in urns. The niches are designed to hold one or two urns but depending on the size of the urns upto six can be placed in each niche. The niches can be sealed with a memorial stone if required. 

All the niches have been reserved.

The long barrow is for anyone.  It is for those of any religion or none. The field it is in is being restored to native chalk grassland and will be kept as natural as possible for visitors to enjoy its beauty and solitude.

All Cannings lies within the Marlborough Downs area of outstanding natural beauty and is between Avebury and Stonehenge. This ancient landscape is renowned for its chalk downland and ancient history. The long barrow is designed to complement it and become part of it.

The field and the exterior of the barrow are open 8am to 8pm for you to walk around and see into the passageway but the interior is kept locked for obvious reasons apart from on open days and by special arrangement.


Free Open Days at the Long Barrow.

The barrow will be open on the morning of the 4th June 2017 10am to noon. You can look around inside and Tim or Ali will be there to answer any questions. 

Sensible footwear, outer clothing and a torch are recommended.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - When visiting the Long Barrow be aware of low lintels, slippery slopes, uneven ground and heights. We don't want you getting hurt and simple awareness and care will keep you safe.