About the long barrow

The long barrow is half a mile north of the village of All Cannings, the recommended approach is from the road near Allington, postcode SN10 3NN. There is a small car parking area at the entrance to Woodway Drove and the barrow can be walked to down the drove (600yds). There is a disabled parking space and turning area at the barrow site, but the byway may not be suitable for cars.

There is a small charge made when an urn in placed in the barrow, currently £100, to cover the unlocking and preparing the columbarium, recording the details and as a contribution to the ongoing maintenance of the barrow and surrounding area. Urns or caskets should be a maximum of 200mm width and depth and 300mm high. Payment can be made on the payment page.

If you cannot or prefer not to be present for the inurnment - the placing of the urn in its niche - we can arrange for this to be done sensitively and with dignity.

We don't actually provide the memorial stones, you can choose any memorial mason or we can recommend http://ramsburystonemasons.co.uk/  or http://www.itswritteninstone.co.uk who have done some already - they are very helpful to talk to. We also have example hand made urns which are suitable, contact  Ann Bates - www.annbates.co.uk ann@annbates.co.uk or for a very organic shaped wooden urn look at http://pebblewoodurns.com.

Visiting the Long Barrow - The exterior is open for visits at all reasonable daylight hours and is a quiet and respectful place to spend some time. Apart from open days the interior can be visited by arrangement. To cover the costs of doing so there is a charge of £30 to do so. Payment can be made on the payment page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - When visiting the Long Barrow be aware of low lintels, slippery slopes, uneven ground and heights. We don't want you getting hurt and simple awareness and care will keep you safe.

 *the lease; in common with all cemeteries we can only offer a maximum of a 99 year lease, though that is intended to be in perpetuity.

Some frequently asked questions

Why is the lease only 99 years?

We hope that urns put in there will be in there for ever but we can only offer 99 year leases, which is longer than most columbaria because that is the maximum that Burial Authorities can offer under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977, and we need to comply in case the Long Barrow is taken over by a public body. Our hands are tied by the legislation and it is the same for all burial grounds in England and Wales. In practice very few graves or vaults are disturbed when the lease expires, and in nearly every case that is because the ground is needed for building. We don't expect that to happen at the Long Barrow.

Although I know the barrow is owned by a limited company, what happens to the access to the barrow if the limited company goes into liquidation at any time in the next 99 years?  As although I would have a lease on the niche itself would there still be a guarantee of access over the ground to get to the barrow for the interment of ashes??

Even if the Ltd company went bust, which I am sure it won't, the land would be continued to be owned by someone and the lease would continue to be a legal charge on the land and the owner would have to comply with it. Part of that is the right to access the barrow which is in the lease document..

Will the urns be sealed in?

The niches can be left open or can have a memorial stone fixed across the entrance to secure and make private the urns- it is up to you. We think a stone is probably the best idea..

Would an executor of my estate or another family member be able to request the interment of my ashes (as it would be rather hard for me to do it myself if I am in the urn.) ?

Yes, the lease is transferred to your executor and then your heirs or
assigns on your death.

As it is a 99 year lease does this mean I could leave the leasehold in my will to my niece or another family member so that they could get put in there later on?

If I do manage to keep hanging around for a few years, is there any way I could renew the lease before I die to get it back up to a 99 year lease?

The lease only starts the 99 years when the first urn is placed in the niche
so no worries there.
The 99 years is a legal formality and I have repeatedly expressed the hope and expectation that the end of the lease will be meaningless and nothing will happen to the urns. Every cemetery in the country is  bound by the same 99 year rule and you just don't see it being enforced; it would cause too much of an outrage for anyone to do so.
The reference to 2065 is for when the lease begins if no urn has been placed in the niche, not when any lease finishes. Because leases only start when the first urn is placed in the niche if no urn was ever placed in a particular niche then it would be in a state of limbo which might cause problems in 100 years time without the arbitrary start date.